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Summer On Its Way

May 2016

Greetings!! It looks like we are about to change seasons again. They are going by much too quickly. We had a really good fall/winter season. The weather fooled us. Predictions were for warmer and drier winter. Instead, we got a good amount of snow and rain and we had a pretty good time of cold weather too. We didn’t miss the 25 below temps like we had a few years ago. A much needed snowpack was/is well above 100%. So far spring is just great. It’s always amazing watching the snow recede and then seeing the brown, tan and black colors appear. Add a few days of sun, some rain and then all the shades of green take over and reappear. Lots of species have flowered already and the plants, shrubs, trees are just loving life now. Of course, we are weeks behind the Valley, but look out here we come.

Fishing has been good all winter, with numerous folks reporting 10 plus fish in a day. The upper river opened this past Sunday. One friend caught nine fish the first day. The insects are all lining up along the usual timeframe with green drakes any day now, and stone flys in a few weeks. We had the flying ant hatch several weeks early this year.

Kathy and I went to the San Francisco Gift Show this January. We decided to go south instead of east this year. We missed New York, but SF is a beautiful city with lots to do also, and there were no weather delays! Thank you to our friends who offered us tips on eating, drinking and having fun in the City. We did manage to pick up a few more lines of cool, fun items at the show. They have been coming in and are intermingled with the other goodies.

The girls are doing great. Lauren is finishing up her first school year of student teaching and is back to Portland for summer classes. Another school year and one more summer school session and she graduates…..again!! Kelsey and Seth are doing well in Portland, enjoying all the fun of the big city.

Nothing much new in the Sherm. A few houses have been painted and there are a couple remodels underway, a couple new homes, but nothing radical. We have assembled another great staff this year. Lots of veterans and lots of good, new folks.

We’re looking forward to a big Memorial Day Weekend. The weather folks are hinting at cloudy weather with a possibility of scattered showers. We are still going to have the BBQ/music on Saturday evening. I don’t want to jinx the situation, but we haven’t been rained out yet. If you have the time, come on down and enjoy the music and food.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Roger & the Store Gang

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