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The Camp Sherman Store and fly shop has been purveying fine fly fishing equipment to the public since first opening in 1918. We are a full service and well stocked fly shop ready to serve your needs. Stop by to hear the latest fishing reports and effective fly patterns that are currently working best on the Metolius River and surrounding streams and lakes. It's our goal to help you have a successful day out on the river by providing you with great service and insight.

Metolius River Outfitters


They say one never enters the same river twice. This especially holds true for the Metolius. The hatches here are some of the most diverse of any river in the world. The best thing you can do is focus on your presentation, not necessarily your choice of fly. The catch can be on one day and off the next. Unless you are imitating emergers, keep your drift as dead as possible. Use 9 foot leaders when fishing heavy flies and 12-15 foot 5x-6x leaders on the surface or just beneath the surface when fishing small flies. Small flies reign. Also, try dead-drifting a streamer for bull trout.

Fishing Report


Grey/brown caddis during the middle of the day. Blue wings on rainy and cloudy days. PMDs will start to come in during early  May. Green drakes usually start mid to late May and peak in early June.  


Fly Fishing Equipment Rentals

Rod & Reel


= $30 Per Day

= $25 Per Day

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For lesson inquiries, call Adam (541) 410- 1309

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The Metolius River is a world-renowned spring creek that attracts fly anglers from all over the world. It is considered to be one of the most challenging rivers to fish anywhere. If you define success not by the number of fish caught but rather by the quality of your overall experience in a beautiful natural place, you will not be disappointed. The Metolius’s fish are all wild and are masters of their environment. They are strong, smart and brilliantly beautiful. Stocking ceased in the early 90s to allow wild fish to regain a stronghold and it has been a huge success with fish redd counts (nests) continuing to increase over time. Here you will primarily find rainbow trout, bull trout, white fish. Please remember to carefully release each fish you catch. Keep them in the water and in a deep location to avoid head trauma and to avoid oxygen depletion. 

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Fish Gallery

Please contact us and send in your fish pictures. Remember to keep em' wet and deep. Proper handing of fish allows them to survive and spawn.


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