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Summer Coming To A Close

Greetings All,

Can you believe it?! We are at the doorstep of the unofficial end of Summer. We all know the weather will be fantastic into October so don’t be sad. We also know the crowds will have thinned…a little, maybe, sorta, don’t know. We’ve had a really good summer. The weather is the most amazing part. I was afraid of writing about our evening temperatures during July and August as the rest of the country was cooking, even into the night. We had temps down into the 40’s most nights. A couple weeks ago the temp was 37 when we got up. Sorry East Coast and Midwest friends, but it was downright cold. I had to use a blanket some nights. As we opened the store we had to wear a sweatshirt along with our shorts and sandals. Not long after that we would loose the sweatshirt and go about our day.

It has been great seeing a lot of you and talking about The Sherm and the newsletter. It has also been great meeting a lot of new folks from all around the Country. The trade shows that Kathy and I have been attending have paid off well. We’ve found quite a few goodies that thankfully a lot of you have liked as well as we have. We’re off to a souvenir and gift show in Las Vegas in a couple weeks. It is a great show with lots of cool stuff that you will see here next year.

Fishing this summer has been as tough and challenging as ever. The hatches have been really late this year. Green Drakes were a month behind their “normal” start time, but they lasted well into July if not early August. The stones were also late by at least a month. Good thing is they are still hatching and should be doing their thing well into Sept. We picked up the Json brand of flies. They are made in Sweden and are the most realistic commercially tied fly’s that we’ve ever seen. They are expensive but are amazingly durable and best of all the fish like them! My friend Jackson Leong from Portland ties some flys that are extremely realistic, but they are best used as art pieces. The bull trout are on the way up river already. You can see quite a few from Canyon Creek Campground. No kokanee yet, but they are coming.

We’ve had the pleasure of gathering one of our best crews ever. We were down to the wire back in May with a small handful of crew wondering how long into the evenings we could work, but one by one we scored one person here and another there. Lots of stuff to do and they have all done great.

Have yourselves a great Labor Day Weekend celebration.

Roger and The Store Gang

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