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100th Year Anniversary


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. All is good here at the store. We’ve had great weather so far this summer. Right now, cool mornings and beautiful afternoon/evening temperatures. We had a crazy lightning storm about three weeks ago. There were over 600 lighting strikes with this event. Luckily there was no action near us. The Three Rivers neighborhood on Lake Billy Chinook saw some real action. The day after all the lightning left them with an approximately 40 acre fire. The next day it had grown to over 2000 acres. Quick action by firefighters, lots of equipment and cooperative weather helped quickly put the fire down. All of us in our area were very happy that we didn’t see any action.

The really fun action that is coming up is the 100th Anniversary of the Store. We are planning some fun activities during our annual 4th of July BBQ, which will be held on Saturday the 7th. We will have several past owners and some descendents of prior owners present to help add to the fun. Here is where we need some help. We are looking for input from all of you also. We know most of you can’t be here, but we have a way you can all help. We are going to take some time to hear recollections from guests who are here. We will have an open microphone where their stories will be told. We would also like to hear from you. Please send us some of your memories regarding Camp Sherman and also the Store. We will read submissions during the event and we plan to build an archive of these stories as well. Please share with us you favorite stories!!

Wherever you are, have a wonderful, fun and safe Fourth of July holiday!!

Roger & the Store Gang

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