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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving… a little late

Where have you been?! I guess that is what you might be asking me. It’s been a very good and very busy season. Central Oregon experienced a much needed boost in tourism this Summer. We rode the same wave. Things started as early as February for us. We would have liked to have gotten more rain, but that wasn’t in the forecast. The weather all summer was perfect. It was really hot for maybe a week. The rest of the time was very comfortable. We feel exceptionally lucky in that we didn’t have to deal with any fires this year!! Yea. We did get a couple days of smoke from the Warm Springs fire after the wind shifted but that was it. Yesterday they forecast snow and they were right. It snowed into the night. We woke up to a good 4-5 inches. Bend got from 12 inches to 16-18 inches depending where you live. I just checked and Mt. Bachelor only got 7 inches in the last 24 hours.

We’d like to welcome all the new members of our newsletter group. A lot of folks signed up this past year. We’d also like to thank all the newsletter folks who took their time to stop by the store to check in and visit. Very nice!!

We pulled off one of the bigger events of our lives this past Summer. Kelsey (our oldest) and Seth tied the knot. The got married here in Camp Sherman. One of our neighbors has a beautiful property downstream where the ceremony was held. The weather was perfect. It was funny. I never really watch the weather in the summer, but for the month prior to their wedding that was the first item on the morning agenda. As it turned out, the weather was perfect and the day went down without a hitch. We moved to the Community Hall that was all decked out. After everyone arrived, we toasted and roasted the newlyweds, phased into the eating and drinking mode and then danced the night away. After their honeymoon to Bali, the happy couple is back to work in Portland.

Lauren was active in a different arena this summer. She graduated from University of Portland in early May. She and friends went off to the Big Island for a much needed and deserved break and a visit to see our friends Dan and Hanora. After they got back, Lauren was back in summer school. She was accepted to a Masters in Ed program thru U of P. This is a two year program where there are three summer school sessions and two school years of student teaching. She is student teaching in a school in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Now she is only a five hour drive from us. Ugh!!

Kathy and I are off to another trade show after the first of the year. This year we are headed to San Francisco. New York is great, but a warmer winter visit seemed like the right thing to do. If anyone has any hot tips on eating, drinking or events, please let us know.

Have a great Holiday Season!

Roger and the Store Gang

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