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Happy Mother's Day

May, 2015


It’s getting to be that time of year again!! A belated “Happy Mother’s Day” to all our Mom’s, past present and future!! We saw many a happy Mom with her family over the week end. The weather across the country is getting warmer. The folks in the Upper Midwest and New England are finally able to thaw out. Down South and the Midwest are still getting wind and rain. Hang in there. Out West it is still dry. We seem to be on a steady climb in the good weather department. With gas prices staying low, the summer season could be a busy one.

Lauren is all graduated from U of P. We had some friends and family come to help her/us celebrate her accomplishment. She is off on a well deserved vacation as we speak. In a few weeks she starts her first summer term on her way to earning her masters in teaching degree.

We’ve been unpacking the many boxes of new cool stuff that we ordered while in NYC. Between those orders and our food and beverage vendors starting to fill the shelves, the store is already looking good.

With the inevitable dry weather approaching, we all need to be ever vigilant and even more aware than normal in regards to fire. I hate to say it, be we will all be seeing fires in areas where they haven’t been an issue. When camping, make sure you have a shovel and buckets for water. Put those fires completely out!! We’ll all have to keep and eye on the other guy too. In Camp Sherman, we are all very happy to be in this forest where we/the forest have been the recipients of years worth of thinning operations. Yes, it can look like a lot of wood is taken but the health of the forest is greatly enhanced. The history books tell of, and the old pictures show how open the forests used to be. We are seeing that a lot more. The greatest recipients are the big old growth Pondos.

This Friday marks the beginning of the summer season. We will be open seven days a week until mid-October. We will still have somewhat limited hours until mid-June. Of course, during the Memorial Day Weekend, we will be open those long wonderful hours. If you can, make sure to stop by for the Memorial Day BBQ on Saturday night. A fun time will be had by all.

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