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Happy Easter

It is getting real. We have finally reached Spring via calendar. The weather is still cooperating at an amazing pace. We are still having the typical cool mornings with toasty late afternoons. There has been some moisture over the last week. A slight drizzle over night and dried up by noon. It is better than nothing. The mountains have gotten a very nice dusting and look beautiful.

Fishing has been the typical off and on. Some folks are having some success on the surface, but the best action has been on the bottom. It is fun to watch Mother Nature during the warmer days. The insect activity is much more visible with an obvious increase in the number of insects hatching. It’s hard to say prolific on this river, but a good increase. The geese are here again. It is fun to hear them honking while they are flying up or down the river. I saw a herd of about 15 elk last week over by Black Butte Ranch. They were lined up nose to tail, patiently waiting for their turn to cross the highway.

By the time you get this, we will be about 50 days from opening full time. A lot of folks are busy getting ready for high school and college graduations. This is a time of great transition for our kids. Good luck to all! Lauren graduates on the 3rd of May. Wow, that’s 30 days from now!

I want to alert you to a change in the campgrounds in Camp Sherman. They are still there, but two more have joined the group where reservations are needed. Allen Springs and Pioneer Ford have joined Camp Sherman and Smiling River. These will have 60 percent of their sites reservation only. The Fed website where you actually make reservations is: The phone number is 877-444-6777. If you have any intention of camping this year in any of those areas, make plans now!! For future information, you can makes reservations nine months out.

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!!

See you soon,

Roger & the Store Gang

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